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Board of Directors 2011

 President  Melyssa Bennett  melyssa@middletonsoccer.com  
 Secretary  (Open)    
 Treasurer  Jim Polakiewicz  jim@middletonsoccer.com  

  Melyssa Bennett (acting)

 Vice President Travel  (Open)    
 Travel At Large (U-16 / U18)  Blaine McKenelley  blaine@middletonsoccer.com  
 U12 / U14 Girls Director  Maria Gildea  maria@middletonsoccer.com  
 U12 / U14 Boys Director  Jack Evans  jack@middletonsoccer.com   
 U10 Boys Director  Jim Foley  jimf@middletonsoccer.com  
 U10 Girls Director  Scott Downs  scottd@middletonsoccer.com  
 Vice President In-Town  Rudy Streng  rudy@middletonsoccer.com  
 U8 Director  Robin Lagrassa robin@middletonsoccer.com  
 U6 Director  (Open)
 U4 Director  Dan Michaud  dan@middletonsoccer.com  
 Educational Director  Rick White  rick@middletonsoccer.com  
 Training Advisor  (Open)    
 Procurement Manager  Dean Marsh  dean@middletonsoccer.com  
 Field Director  Jim Scarpone  jims@middletonsoccer.com  
 Web Master

 John Tonthat

 Recording Secretary (non-voting))  Betsy Mahoney  betsy@middletonsoccer.com  


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