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Middleton Youth Soccer U-8  4 v 4 Rules

1.   Field size is 25 X 40 yards, ball size is #3 and goal is a small hockey goal.

      Field Diagram for U-8

2.   There are four players playing per team.  (This may be modified to 3 v. 3 if there are not enough players.)  Large teams will be asked to play two games simultaneously.  In this case free substitution is allowed between the two games.

3.    A parent or coach will facilitate the game.  The intention of this program is to allow play to continue whenever possible.  The referee may use discretion and allow “play on” even is the ball may have gone out of bounds.  Safety is the first consideration at all times.

4.    There are no Goalkeepers.

5.    No heading or slide tackling is allowed.

6.    Goals can be scored from anywhere.

7.    There are no Offsides in U8 soccer.

8.    No score will be kept.

9.    When the ball goes out of bounds, the game is restarted as follows:

·    Over the touch lines (aka sideline)-- Throw-in – a goal cannot be scored by throwing

·    Over the goal lines (aka end line)

·    Goal Kick if last touched by attacker

Goal Kick is taken from inside the Goal Area and no player may touch it until it crosses the 7 yard line.

·    Corner Kick if last touched by a defender

8.    Start the game with a kick-off.  After a goal restart with a kick-off.

9.    After a foul, an indirect free kick is taken.  No direct kicks in U8.

10.   Playing time: To be determined by the Division and number of games being  played in the day.  Coaches will decide and announce before the game. 20 minute halves with a 5 minute break is the norm.

11.   Coaches/Referees should stop play immediately if any player is injured or if any player “heads” the ball.

12.   Any team can substitute at any time (including while play is continuing) as long as another player has left the field and the number of players is 4.


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